Welcome to the Harvard Club of Washington DC

Thank you for your generous support of the Harvard Club of Washington, DC.

Your Club dues and any additional donations you make to the Harvard Club of Washington, DC, are fully tax deductible. If your employer provides a matching program for charitable donations, please consider asking your employer to match your contributions to our Club. Every dollar you donate to the Club goes to support our communities here in Washington and in Cambridge.

With your support, the Harvard Club will be able to continue to connect you with the more-than-20,000 graduates of Harvard who are a vital part of life in Washington, DC. With your support, the Harvard Club will continue to bring together the very best that our communities here and in Cambridge have to offer.

You can donate to our Club via our website, and you can feel free to call us at our offices (202.337.1300) with any questions.

If you are interested in making a testamentary bequest to the Club as part of your estate plan, please let us know.

We very much appreciate your support.

Example: 50.00
Unrestricted donation to HCW
Your general donation will support HCW's many activities and programs such as funding summer community service stipends for current students and funding Schools Committee activities.
Example: 50.00
HCW Scholarship Fund
Contributions to HCW Scholarship Funds augment the scholarship monies available to DC-area Harvard undergraduates.
Example: 50.00
HCW Harvard Book Award Program
Sponsorship is $35 per book. Please send an e-mail to Betsy Wanger AB '85 at bwanger@post.harvard.edu if you wish to request that the sponsorship(s) go to a specific high school(s). The Club will attempt to honor your choice but reserves the right to make a substitution.

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